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Is Society’s Voice Louder Than Your Own?

In our lives, we experience many external pressures.  most of which are meant to help guide us towards a “better” life.  These social, political, and religious cues are meant to make us “successful”.  Some of these are subtle—like a disapproving look—and some of these are dramatic, like being told what we want is wrong, bad, or stupid.  Or, even worse, being told that what we want is impossible.  Most of the people in my life told me that I couldn’t do what I have already done.  Part of figuring out who you really are is taking the time to find your own voice, and filter out the voices that no longer apply to you.

The hardest part of our life is finding out what we really want to do… and then going and doing it.  If you are struggling with this, you might take a moment to ask yourself:

Find Your Own Voice

I think it takes a certain amount of time (and honesty) to determine whose voice you’re hearing in your head.  When you have a decision to make, or a new life goal you are pursuing, ask yourself these questions.

Is it:

Society’s Voice?  Is it telling us what we should do—or shouldn’t do?Our Parent’s Voice?  Telling us to be smart and sensible?Our Teacher’s Voice?  Telling us to get the right answer?The Government’s Voice?  Telling us to pay our taxes and stay in the lines?

Sigmund Freud believed that the bulk of our conditioning was determined by the age of two.  If this is true, how are we even meant to determine the difference between what we want and what we are supposed to want?

Actually, there are many ways we can look at our past conditioning, but what it really boils down to is this:

Are you doing what you feel you “Should Do”, or,

Are you doing What you Really Want To Do?

When I decided to travelput my business online, and move abroad, that was for me.  That was because it was what I REALLY WANTED TO DO.  When I started to live my life on my own terms, the life that I wanted finally started to take shape.

Here are some questions to help you find out.

What are some things in your life that you want to do?Can you let yourself just do them—or do you feel the need to justify it?What societal beliefs have you overcome?What beliefs are you still trying to get past?

Take the time to ask (and answer) these questions and I’m quite sure you will find the root of what is holding you back in many areas of your life!!  Push beyond the voices of society to find your own voice.  This will help you  determine what it actually is that you want for yourself and your life, and start taking steps today to get there!

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