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The company you keep can be a threat to your future.

by Kim Sudderth

When is the last time you took a count of your relationships?  Fear’s goal is to steal your success, kill your dream, and destroy your purpose. Someone else’s fear of your success will make them speak negatively over your life to change your course (and they don’t even realize it). When I say it’s up to you to protect your success and your future from people’s words and their fears, I tell you the truth.

Taking a count of the relationships in your life should be something you do on a regular bases in order to preserve your future. People will always say they are in your corner and wish you the best with their lips, however when you need them they are not around to assist. It is very important that we know who is in our corner.

Relationships are like trees. A tree has leafs, branches, and the bulk which is attached to the roots. You have people that come into your life for a season (a short time) to teach you a lesson(s), however they don’t stay long. They are like the leafs of the tree.  Then you have people who come into your life that stay a longer time, however they are not there for the long haul. They are like the branches of a tree, which breaks off with one good blow from the wind. Then you have the bulk and roots of a tree, which equals to family members, and your best friends. The ones who weather out the storms with you. They are the ones you don’t have to ask or tell them what to do because they are already doing it. They are by your side during the shining of the sun and wetness of the rain. They are truly the bulk and roots of your life.

As you are taking account of your relationships remember “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. “(Proverb 27:17) Your relationships should add value to your life not take away from it.

If you find that some relationships are taking value away from your life, then please do yourself a favor and remove them from your life. I know it sounds easier than it is, especially when the person who is not adding value to your life are your parents or your spouse. In these special cases my advice is to first forgive them for their negative words and actions against you. Stay positive around them, for you will be the example of what success is right before their eyes going forward. It’s can be difficult, however your success and future is worth it. To offset these relationships you want to have more positive relationships surrounding.

Are your present relationships adding or taking away value from your life?

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