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At PIP Women ROCK we assist women in building a 

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Many times as women we put ourselves and what we want and need on hold

as the world continues. We don't celebrate ourselves. 

Here are two ideas to celebrate yourself...

#1 Celebration Idea...

When was the last time you blew bubbles? When we became adults, we lost the inner child in us. We forget what it is to enjoy life and to celebrate it, along with celebrating ourselves. Blow some bubbles today!

#2 Celebration Idea...

Go outside at night or climb up to your building's rooftop and look at the stars. By looking at the stars it will help you to clear your mind and give you a sense of gratefulness. Once you are in a grateful state you begin to be happy and joy fills you. 

*Bonus Idea...

Take a yearly vacation by yourself or two weekend trips a year. It is so important that you have time by yourself. This helps to detox and reset you. We all need time for ourselves. 

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