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PIP Master Classes

PIP Legacy Program
The PIP Legacy program holds you accountable for building your own Legacy by creating and utilizing your strength and resources to develop your personal goals while building your legacy.

The eight-week Master Class includes two one on one sessions with a PIP Ambassador. The first session is designed to start you thinking about your life and your legacy. Through the eight-week master class, you will explore, analyze, develop, grow and be deliberate, while being accountable for creating your legacy. 

The course will consist of :
  • Legacy Mapping
  • Re-positioning Your Money
  • Estate Planning
  • Real Estate
  • Kids and Money
  • and much more
Your second one on one is a strategy session. This will assist you in taking what you have learned during the eight weeks master class and piecing all the moving parts together.  Establishing a realistic and S.M.A.R.T plan and celebrating your accomplishments. 
             It’s your Life and your Legacy!
        Tax Lien Real Estate 

Tax liens are the best-kept secret in real estate. There are two amazing things about investing in real estate tax liens:
  • There is always property tax liens available.
  • You do not have to be a licensed real estate agent to invest in tax liens.

If you were ever thinking about becoming an investor, now is the time and tax liens are the best way to start.

Join me for my Tax Lien Real Estate Master Class. 

The course will consist of:
  • The general process of the tax lien.
  • How to make money on tax liens.
  • Why tax liens are the least riskier of real estate to purchase.
  • How investing in tax liens are win-win for you
  • Designing an action plan
  • Much much more

I will share my journey of the good, the bad and jaw opening moments in hope that you do not make the same mistakes. 

This is an in-person master class and the seating is limited.
Repositioning Your Money


If I could show you how you can bring home additional money in your paycheck without working additional hours at your job...would you be gamed to learn how.

I was taught this secret many years ago. After putting into action what I learned I brought $210 additional in my paycheck monthly.

Everyone wants there money Now... the cell phone company, your landlord, the credit card and etc, so why do you have to wait for your money.

In the workshop, you will learn 
How to bring home more money in your paycheck with support from the Internal Revenue Service. Yes the IRS.


Join me for 90 minutes of

"Repositioning Your Money."

This will be the Best Investment you do this year.  ​Make your investment now - Seating is Limited.



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