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Candice Briggs

Candice Briggs is a native of Montgomery, Alabama.  Candice professes herself to be an artist, poet, writer, ravenous reader and lifelong lover of all things artistic.  Candice is a graduate of Sidney Lanier’s Prestigious LAMP program, as well as an alum of Auburn University at Montgomery and Ashford University. 

Having a passion for reading and writing created a perfect avenue for Candice to transition into freelance editing, where she found the chance to utilize her Liberal Arts Degree.   As Editor in Chief of E.A. Writing Services, Candice has credits editing numerous titles including Venus vs. Mars, On The Shoulders of Giants, The Two Mr. Rights, Candy Drop Girls, Silent Code, Mahogany Blues, See No Evil and For Life, just to name a few.

Candice has also edited for various independent authors seeking publication, contributed to web content, authored health features for magazine publications as well as successfully researched and written grant proposals.

Connect with Candice

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