The PIP Movement began in March 2011 with its first Passion into Profit Women's Luncheon held by founder Kim M. Sudderth.  As of today, the luncheon has turned into a movement, changing its name to Passion to Purpose Women Rock with its focus on building a Healthy Legacy in all areas of women's lives.


The five (5) areas of focus are:







Many have joined the PIP Women Rock Movement to assist women in building their healthy legacies, such as Wendy Hillard, Lucinda Cross, Dr. Stacie NC Grant, Robin Devonish, Carol Sankar, Cheryl Pullins, Bonique Gates, Robin Ransom and Nicole Taylor just to name a few.


A legacy is the means by which you live your life guided by the traits passed on to you by your mother, grandparents, and other influential people in your life.  It is what shapes who you are as a person and as a woman.  The knowledge and words passed on to you, live within each of us every day.  A healthy legacy utilizes the best of what has been offered and passed on to us.  These are qualities we retain to light our own path and then pass on to others.


Our focus is to assist women in discovering the importance of a legacy and how to create a supportive and healthy relationship for those generations that follow.  We offer many resources to help with this emotional and educational journey, including online training, small workshops, teleseminars, live events, referrals and much more.

We believe all women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

The PIP WOMEN ROCK mission is to assist women in creating a Healthy Conscious Legacy in the areas of Family, Faith, Wellness, Wealth Building , and Fun.