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Traci M. Smith

A compelling speaker and storyteller, Traci delivers a high-energy presentation on overcoming Breast Cancer with a unique approach to Surviving and Thriving while going through an abnormal process of life. Through an interactive approach, Traci reveals to the audience, “the 1st call”, “how it lands,” “building a Sisterhood,” remaining both Beautiful Inside & Out while in the blink of an eye your life as she knew it was going to change forever. Traci reveals simple, effective strategies that anyone can use to Cope with Cancer, build resiliency, reduce stress, and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!


Traci M. Smith is an author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and member of The National Coalition of 100 Black Women Philadelphia Chapter and the recipient of the 2015 Madame CJ Walker Entrepreneurship Award. She’s been interviewed by CBS-TV Cherri Gregg, The Philadelphia Daily News, The Philadelphia Tribune, WDAS FM Lorraine Ballard-Morrill, and numerous other TV news outlets, radio stations, magazines, newspapers in the Philadelphia area.



Traci has set-out on an amazing journey to travel the United States and beyond to let the world know “We may have CANCER, but CANCER truly does not have us. She is co. Founder of Traci’s BIO along with partner Phyllis, a non-profit Cancer support foundation whose mission is to help survivors maintain a level of normalcy while going through an abnormal process. We desire to provide individuals with services and resources to assist with this life-changing process.


Traci and her team offer cancer patients and survivors with practical information to tap into their inner strength. While also providing services to assist individuals during hair loss nail discoloration, and the many other physical changes. We desire not only to see these women survive but thrive.


Beautification, Inspiration, & Wellness:

Traci’s BIO

(Non-Profit Breast Cancer Survivors Support Foundation)

Survival, Sisterhood, & Support

The Pink Sister Chronicles (A compilation of women who have decided to participate in a moment of transparency as it relates

to diagnosis. Their powerful stories will make you laugh, cry and firmly make you think about the journey of diagnosis among women of color.


Speaking topics are customizable to the audience.

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